Hallo München!

This past week has been an amazing whirlwind of experiences. Last night, my friend, Sarah, and I just got back to L.A. after spending a week in Germany and Austria. In total, we flew for 15.5 hours and were both up for over 24 hours. It was quite a trek back, but definitely worth the trip to Europe.


Last Thursday, we landed in the beautiful Bavarian city of Munich. The weather was sunny and chilly, but beautiful. It was a relatively quiet city, but nonetheless, had many activities to offer. On our first day, we got breakfast at Gartensalon, a really adorable indoor and outdoor garden themed brunch spot. Sarah got the scrambled egg Mexican toast with loose leaf green tea, while I ordered the honey scrambled egg honey mustard toast with ginger tea.

The toast was the most magnificent breakfast we ate in Munich. The crispy mixed grain toast coupled with the sauce, scrambled eggs, cucumber, and freshly picked sprouts, made for the perfect breakfast. I would highly recommend this place if you're looking for some delicious and uncomplicated breakfast in a relaxing environment. Just be careful of the bees. They loved to hang out our table!

After breakfast, we headed to the Church of St. Peter, also known as Peterskirche to explore the aerial views of the city. After exploring the church and climbing 299 steps, we were met with the most breathtaking view of Munich all around. Sunny weather, blue skies, and beautiful ceramic rooftops stretched for miles. It was my favorite view of Munich.


Aerial view of Munich.

By midday, we were pretty exhausted from all of the jet lag, and retreated to our hotel, the Ruby Lilly Hotel. It was a lovely, bohemian boutique hotel, with mixed tape cassette tapes along the entry wall, vintage tvs, a dark but cozy downstairs bar, an intimate upstairs library, and clean and quiet rooms. It was as if someone had catered this hotel just for us. We loved every bit it!

Mixed tape wall upon entry into the hotel.

TV wall to the left of the hotel lobby upon entry.

Hotel upstairs library.

In the evening, we had dinner at München Stubn where we were served large portions of chicken salads in casserole dishes. The atmosphere was nice and intimate. The restaurant was busy and cozy, and the food was fresh and delicious. The dishes were pretty standard, but nonetheless, it was a good experience. We decided to call it an early night since we were going to Oktoberfest the next day.


Alas, the day finally arrived...Oktoberfest! Sarah and I had been long awaiting this moment for months. A bucket list item to be crossed out, we woke up early on Friday to transform ourselves in to Bavarian Fraus "Bavarian women" for the day. We both wore the traditional Bavarian dress, the "dirndl", before walking to the Oktoberfest grounds in Theresienwiese.

Bavarian dirndl.

Zwei fraus ready for Oktoberfest!

After a bit of a walk and a few detours, we made it to Oktoberfest at about noon. Sarah recommended that we visit the Hacker-Pschorr tent, where we headed to and ultimately stayed for the rest of the day. When we arrived, we were quickly seated front and center by a kind hostess despite the tent being relatively full. Initially, it was a bit intimidating being placed at a table of about five guys. The ice quickly broke when the beer Maß came out, and the table community was built. We met new friends: Daniel, Markus, Jahn, Johnny, and Jochen. Everyone was kind and welcoming, and everyone rose to sing and dance to the live bands playing.

2.5 Maß each, a chicken meal, lots of karaoke, and dancing later, we headed out of Oktoberfest at about 9pm. While we never really had a chance to explore the festival grounds, or change tents, we had an incredible experience in the Hacker tent. Simple, but beautifully decorated with light blue skies, light clouds, and starlights, this tent was definitely a lot of fun. If you decide to come to this tent, get ready for lots of karaoke to country, rock, and oldies music like "Sweet Caroline", "Rocking All Over the World", "Who the F*** is Alice", and "Que Sera Sera". You can find more Oktoberfest vids on my Instagram highlight page.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to eat and pace yourself with beer in the tents!

Oktoberfest was a lot of fun, and definitely creates a lot of community amongst everyone from different backgrounds. Definitely one of one of my favorite festivals I've been to. If you want to know more about my experience or have any questions about Oktoberfest, please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or Twitter via @tran_gerine.

Next up...Austria! Stay tuned.