Getty Villa

I'm back! It's been a busy three months, and I'm long overdue for a vacation. This weekend, I got to get away for a little bit and reset. I realized that I was lacking some real life inspo lately, and needed something to get my creative juices flowing again.

The stairway near the entrance.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of my favorite art museums in Los Angeles, being both architecturally unique and artistically thought out. The Getty Villa, a sister property to the Getty Center, has long been on my list of places to visit. Seeing as they had a "Classic Coif and Latin Locks: Women's Hair in Ancient Rome" demonstration happening at the museum, I thought it would be a great opportunity to go.

The smaller courtyard.

While the traffic to get into the museum from PCH was really terrible, the property itself proved to be a magnificent treat. I loved the fact that it was not packed like some of the other museums in L.A., and the fact that everything was spread out. I'm not going to lie, I think the floors were my favorite part of the museum. I think I went a bit overboard with my tile photos, but everything was beyond terrific.

The entire property was clean, lush, and well maintained. One of the courtyards at the villa reminded me exactly of the courtyard gardens at the Vatican, which I had visited about 4 months ago. It really gave me a lot of Italy withdrawals to say the least. There was a lot of Greek and Roman art and statues in the museum. More or less, the majority of the museum was comprised of sculptures and artifacts than actual paintings or other forms of media. My favorite statue was that of the Goddess, Nike, the Goddess of Victory. That was definitely new information to say the least, and clever branding for the athletic shoe and apparel industry.

Nike the Goddess of Victory.

While the rest of L.A. was scorching hot, the Getty Villa was actually really cool and breezy. It sat on top of a hill in the California Pacific Palisades overlooking the beach. I literally stayed there during the entire duration of the museum hours. I spent half of my time outdoors, enjoying the gardens and real grape vines growing over the archways.

The grape vines looking lush and full of fruit!

Visiting the Getty Villa was a nice mini staycation to keep me creatively motivated while I work through the summer months. After looking at my calendar tonight, I realized that I only have a few more weeks to go until I leave for Germany. I'm really excited to try all of the food, have the best local cup of coffee, check out the sights and sounds, and of course, check out the art and music scene. I've been getting some really good tips from friends and co-workers on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do, and I'm very excited. If you have any tips you want to share with me, feel free to DM me on Twitter or Instagram via @Tran_gerine. Talk to you soon!

Until then,