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January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a wonderful and festive holiday weekend! I spent much of my weekend purging my room of old clothing, accessories, and shoes. In total, I managed to donate four trash bags worth of clothes. How crazy is that?! It feels great to start the year off with a minimal closet. I'm a changed woman (for now).


As for my new year resolutions, I'd like to spend less money clothing, continue learning French and Italian, continue my volunteer work, and hopefully get into grad school. I've been vigorously working on these resolutions since last year, so I'm gradually but surely making my way there. French has been a little bit difficult to learn, but I enjoy the challenge. Any tutors out there? Just kidding.



On a personal level, what I want the most for 2018 are better days ahead. Last year was mentally and physically challenging with seemingly more bad days than good. Towards the end, my health took a huge hit from allergies and stress. Somehow Christmas and New Year's break helped to redeem the remainder of 2017.


On a different note, 2018 looks like it's going to be another year of travel. With my birthday next month, I'm anxious to get out of town and spend some quality time with my friends. Later on this year, I'll be crossing the pond once again to visit Paris and Italy. Just a few more months to go. It'll be my first visit, so I'm really excited! More details to come soon.


What are some of your resolutions for this year? I'd love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment or connect with me via Instagram or Twitter at @Tran_gerine. Before I go, here's my favorite cover of "La Vie en Rose" by Foxtails Brigade. Enjoy!


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Until next time,








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